How we need another soul to cling to - 35mm film.

 Pretty, very - 35mm film.

Three. Only a few afternoons left in this house - 35mm film.

 I often dream of the same places - 35mm film. 

Dried hydrangea from my first garden - 35mm film.  

 Everything, the whole world - 35mm film. 

 For Desert Vintage - rest of the story here - 35mm film.

 Walk, stop, look through the trees - 35mm film. 

Things you don't forget - 35mm film.  

 Gentle Afternoon - 35mm film. 

 For Desert Vintage - the rest of the story here - 35mm film. 

 A gust of hot wind - 35mm film. 

Plant is king - 35mm film. 

 Now, Not Now - 35mm film.  

 Oh! Yes, good morning - 35mm film. 

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