On the table - 35mm film. 

 Christmas hike, Tucson, AZ - 35mm. 

Neighbourhood, O'Fallon, MO - 35mm film. 

There are certain things - O'Fallon, MO, 35mm film. 

Thinking thinking thinking - Arvada, Arizona - 35mm film -  rest of the story here

 When summer comes to an end, we look forward to a different season, different experiences - 35mm film, Ontario, Canada. 

 The morning, this window, the light - 35mm film, Tucson, AZ - rest of the story here

 The Heart Of It All - 35mm film - California. 

Thursday, a nice day of the week - 35mm film, Tucson, AZ. Rest of the story here

 My Dad's desk, and the view outside the window by my dad's desk - 35mm, Sarnia, ON. 

 I was stung on the foot by a bee here - 35mm film - Sarnia, Ontario. More from home here

 Thinking About that Dream Where.. - 35mm film, AZ. Rest of the story here

 A Few Yesternights Ago - 35mm film, O'Fallon, MO. 

 It's a beautiful day to try again - 35mm film, O'Fallon, MO. 

Chelsea on her wedding day - 35mm film, San Rafael Valley. Rest of the story here.  

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